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How to Break an Addiction: A Guide to Overcoming Addiction

Examining what underlies the addiction will help you to get your automatic responses under control. Only then can you identify how you can find superior, non-addictive rewards to take the place of the addiction. Addictions are experiences that can overwhelm a person’s consciousness and which have a net negative impact for the person. And people tend to tolerate addictions because they lack access to attractive alternatives (more on this shortly). How many people do you know who quit cigarettes, the most common, and generally considered to be the most powerful, of drug addictions?

how to beat addiction without rehab

The purpose of tapering off alcohol is to avoid major withdrawal symptoms so you can achieve sobriety safely. The time it takes to taper will depend on how long you’ve been drinking, how much you’ve been drinking and a variety of personal factors. When they suddenly quit drinking, the brain continues its hyperactivity, but alcohol no longer suppresses the effects. This can cause seizures and delirium tremens, a severe form of withdrawal marked by tremors and hallucinations. If you taper off alcohol slowly or with medical supervision, the brain has time to adapt without causing severe side effects. Alcohol abuse and addiction doesn’t just affect the person drinking—it affects their families and loved ones, too.

Support Groups

Meth withdrawal symptoms should be managed at a rehab facility, where trained addiction professionals can administer antidepressants to improve mood, concentration and sleep quality. In a professional treatment center, the withdrawals are monitored by addiction specialists and medical personnel to ensure your safety and comfort. You will have someone available How Long Can You Live With Cirrhosis? to offer support and encouragement throughout the process. Our program is built to help you reduce your use until you’re completely clean. You get professional support from counselors and licensed clinicians and group therapy to build a community of understanding people who get you. Reach out with questions to find out how we can make it work for you.

  • Unfortunately, with DIY drug rehab, you’ll most likely miss out on some of these important aspects of treatment.
  • If you’re heavily addicted and try to get sober on your own without medical assistance, you will likely experience extremely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.
  • You may decide to abstain from alcohol, to avoid any possibility of casual sexual contact, or to consciously avoid buffets.
  • A mental health professional who specializes in substance-related and addictive disorders can tailor a treatment plan that’s best suited to your needs.
  • Try to remain neutral and don’t argue, lecture, accuse, or threaten.

Some people have a chronic drinking problem that has resulted in medical conditions like liver cirrhosis. If you’ve been trying to kick the habit but cannot, it’s a sign that you need help. If you have a hard time going for a single day without the substance or if you abstain for a while but eventually relapse, you need to seek treatment. Some negative consequences are an unproductive career life, financial challenges, unhealthy relationships etc. It will help if you take a few minutes to evaluate your life.

Natural Detox at Home: What Are the Dangers?

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is committed to delivering original, truthful, accurate, unbiased, and medically current information. We strive to create content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Bear in mind that setting boundaries such as “I can no longer give you money if you continue to use drugs,” is not the same as threatening a person with punishment. We are here to provide assistance in locating an Ark Behavioral Health treatment center that may meet your treatment needs.

This means that people in recovery from meth addiction may have problems learning and controlling impulses. They may have problems in school, at work or within the family. It takes time and commitment to overcome lingering problems caused by meth abuse.

Family History Of Addiction

For example, people with a cognitive approach thought through the negative consequences of their addiction. They thought through the positive benefits of quitting (as we described in the last module). They used techniques such as willpower, distracting thoughts, and delayed gratification to resist the addictive impulse.

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